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I want to use TouchGFX with stm32f207zgt6

Hello everyone in the community.I wanted to create a screen for "stm32f207zgt6" using "TouchGFX 4.23.1 Designer", but the board I wanted to use did not exist in the board options.How should I create a screen in this case?Also, after creating the scre...

t-oka by Associate III
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Import touchgfx project to STM32F2

Hi there. I have a custom development board which uses a STM32F207ZG. The board uses an ILI9341 display driver and used uGUI for the UI previously. I understand that Touchgfx does not support an STM32F2 MCU, but is there any way to import the UI in a...

C.East2 by Associate III
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Running TouchGFX on STM32F2 series MCU

Hi,I need al little help running TouchGFX to a STM32F207VG MCU. We already have a custom board featuring this MCU and a touchscreen with an ILI9341 driver IC. The screen communication is done using the FSMC on the MCU. I've got code working to write ...

JBoec.1 by Associate II
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Touch GFX and eval board compatibility.

Hi all. I am currently building a project with an STM3220G board which has an STM32F207IGh as its processor. It has an on board 3.2" touchscreen. Now, can anyone tell me if they have had any success using the TouchGFX library with F2 devices.. Does t...

defacato by Associate II
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