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STM32H745, Use of TouchGFX, Ethernet and LwIP

I am currently working on a project using TouchGFX, Ethernet an LwIP on a STM32H745I board and I was wondering if anyone has encountered a similar issue.I am using :the firmware package v1.9 for the H7 (I also tried with the v1.10),TouchGFX 4.18 (I a...

QRobe.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! H743I Eval2 board is working with TouchGFX to display data. but unable to activate ETH and lwip middleware with CubeIDE.

I use H743I Eval2 board , able to build application with TouchGFX to display data. I am trying to activate ETH with lwip middleware with CubeIDE. have enable CORTEX_M7 (Icache,Dcache) but can not select any mode (MII, RMII) in ETH, (a forbidden mark ...

ET.2 by Associate III
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Resolved! initially, touchgfx + cubeide is OK, but when changing setting from ioc , will casue some error: no declaration matches ...

I uses touchGFX associated with Cube IDE with ETH, lwip freertos , it is compiling ok and working. But found ETH gpio pin of ETH in ioc, the max speed is setting to low, so I change it to veryhigh , rebuid the code found a new TouchGFX folder is cre...

0693W00000aJIH2QAO.png 0693W00000aJI0KQAW.png 0693W00000aJI1kQAG.png 0693W00000aJIIUQA4.png
ET.2 by Associate III
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Use of TouchGFX, Ethernet and LwIP on STM32H743 eval2, after setting up ETH, LwIP then downloading to eval2, screen unable to display

I create new project from touchGFX, by adding 5 simple widgets , generate code, run simulators, run targer all are working and success. Open the file with CubeIDE, build and run ars also OK.Enable and set up ETH, LwIP, freertos using CubeIDE are ok....

ET.2 by Associate III
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Replicate touchgfx based-project on a web server

Hi guys, many customers ask for a web page that looks the same as the display on the machine, developed on touchgfx with STM32 microcontrollers.The goal is to control the screen also from the web page.Is there a way to do that? Maybe with an LWIP web...

EA.1 by Associate
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