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TouchGFX calls HAL_Delay in ISR

Hi,In TouchGFXHAL.cpp, HAL_DSI_EndOfRefreshCallback() contains HAL_Delay(). Meantime it is called from HAL_DSI_IRQHandler(). Can it be avoided?The code is generated with TouchGFX Designer 4.22.0 for STM32H747I-DISCO.The generated file is attached.

ERROR by Associate II
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Resolved! Result with unit display

Hi,I'm in the process of implementing a result screen which displays the result along with unit.Since the digits are not the same I see a spacing issue between result and result unit.Example : 11 cm , 22cmand 99 cmI cannot have a fixed x and y co ord...

KNara.2 by Associate III
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TouchGfx code get stuck

 Currently, i am working on TouchGfx.But my code gets stuck in the first execution of MX_TouchGFX_Process.  I use external RAM and Waveshare 7-inch TFT display.@Piranha  Could please help me to resolve the issue?

spate.2 by Associate III
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Resolved! TouchGFX Code generating and Simulator error

Dear Mr MartinIn touchGFX I can generate the code but I can´t simulate with this error:Compiling generated/gui_generated/src/screen_screen/screenViewBase.cppgui/src/model/Model.cpp:4:10: fatal error: stm32f4XX_hal.h: No such file or directory#include...

Resolved! Communication from screen to backend

Hi,I'm trying to send an event when a button is clicked.I have added an interaction in Touchgfx designer to call a virtual function when the button is clicked.In Screen1view.cpp I'm overwriting the virtual functionvoid SendDataOnButtonClicked(){prese...

KNara.2 by Associate III
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