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Resolved! TouchGFX 4.21.4 Library and Exceptions

Using Keil ARM MDK 5.37 with armclang.I migrated our TouchGFX 4.20 project to version 4.21.4 for testing if an annoying graph bug might be fixed.Now the binary is muuch larger and does not fit into microcontroller flash no more. I figured out that th...

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SWT-GAL by Associate II
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cannot load flash programming algorithm !

Use touchgfx example with stm32f429 discovery Keil with st link usbWhen I download it with 2 wire (swd), I get the message cannot load flash programming algorithm. Is there a solution?(It is the same even if you change the debug option 0x10000000 or ...

Nhor.1 by Associate II
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TouchGFX 4.18 vidio widget

Hi,I'm using TouchGFX 4.18 and added a video widget. But when compiling code with Keil MDK-ARM, the following error appears: Error: L6218E: Undefined symbol touchgfx::VideoController::getInstance() (referred from videowidget.o).What am I missing?Than...

ari_v2 by Senior
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Resolved! Successfully run in KEIL but failed to run in IAR.

I want to display 2 images in a screen, but it only display 1 image when used IAR to generate code. The project does not make any changes and generates code in KEIL, then it succeeds. (The code optimizations is none and CSTACK / HEAP space is large...

V.H by Senior
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Resolved! What is typical development flow for TouchGFX?

So I developing prototype using STM32F769 Discovery Kit. At first I develop the UI using TouchGFX and so far so good.But I realize the generated codes from TouchGFX does not really generate driver code for other component e.g. Virtual Component Port....

BParh.1 by Senior III
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Resolved! TouchGFX 4.16 with IAR / Keil working?

Hi. Downloaded the latest 4.16 TouchGFX toolchain; latest STM32CubeIDE; latest STM32CubeMX.Selected STM32F429i-DISC1 kit -> imported the Pool Lights GUI. Nothing else. Ran fine on the simulator; runs fine on the target. Generated Code. No errors. Ve...

Mon2 by Senior III
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