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Resolved! How to use CAN bus with TouchGFX ?

Hello, I am new to TouchGFX. I am developping an UI forSTM32F746G-DISCOVERY board. The goal of my UI is that the user can choose some value of variables and then send it to an other device using CAN bus. All the graphical part is working well, I use ...

FFont.18 by Associate II
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Resolved! stm32f746g-disco, touchgfx

TouchGFX 4.15.0 and ST-LINK 4.6 and CubeProgram 2.6.0 installed to our system Windows 10 64Bit. Board Development STM32F746G Discovery.I'm tring to run touchgfx samples on the STM32F746G Discovery, every thing goes well and it seems code download com...

AReza.1 by Associate II
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Intermittent problem with STM32F746G-Discovery graphics

I have an intermittent problem with both TouchGFX and BSP LCD on startup.I have the same problem on two boards.Sometimes it starts and displays correctly, sometimes I get a greenish background - see below.Running LCD_init() again does not clear the p...

0693W00000Nr0gAQAR.jpg 0693W00000Nr0g5QAB.jpg
shorai by Associate III
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How to draw a dynamic picture at runtime?

I’m using STM32CubeIDE 1.2.1 and TouchGFX 4.13.0 with STM32F746G-DISC0 kit.I would like to calculate an image at runtime and then display it. Is there a manual or something similar? I have tried the AnimationStorage, unfortunately getAnimationStorage...

DMeix.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! TFT display flickering issue

Board name : stm32f746bgt6Sdram : AS4C4M32SA-7TCNMy display size is 800*480, interfacing sdram & display with mcu successfully. But my display having flickering issue, Frame buffer stored in sdram..!How to solve this error?