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Resolved! Connecting LCD to FMC

I checked a few manuals. RM0432 explains memory mapping but it does not mention how to connect LCD, what address to send data and command. I have 800 x 480 pixel LCD with 16 bit data bus.I think the problem might be with the address to send command a...

MNapi by Senior II
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Issue : Sometime, the screen freezes on wakeup. The system is still running but touchgfx does not render frame anymore. Description : MCU : STM32L4R9AI with freertos and touchgfx Screen : DSI AMOLED. Drivers used : GFXMMU, LTDC, DMA2D, DSI

Test 1 conditions (freeze issue) :We want to stay active for 10s and go to into sleep mode for 10s in a loop using RTC wakeup. In the app, one task runs touchgfx and another handle the timeout to go to sleep.The condition to go to sleep is that the t...

MDod.1 by Associate
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STSAFE: Bring Up Tutorials

Hello,I am using a Nucleo-F401RE board with the X-Nucleo-SafeA1 expansion board (which claims it is compatible with any Nucleo development board). I am trying to use the software package that is shown in the link below:

KMew by Senior III
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GFXMMU Vertical Flip Display

Hi, I am looking into processor based ways to flip the display, using a STM32L4R9. My display can handle horizontal pixel flip, but unfortunately not vertical so I want to see if I can do that without too much overhead in the processor.@Martin KJELDS...

RBurg.2 by Associate II
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Bare metal DMA2D

Hello allI have a custom STM32L496RGTx-based board onto which I'm migrating a legacy rendering engine. I'd really like to accelerate text rendering and I'm looking into DMA2D for a4 format font data.I have a little test setup which attempts to popula...

DCarr.1 by Senior
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Code example for ILI9341 of X-CUBE-DISPLAY

Hello everyone,I'm using Nucleo-STM32L476RE board to print some datas on a ILI9341 LCD 2.8" screen.By using STM32CubeMX, I added the software pack X-CUBE-DISPLAY. But after generating the code on the STM32CubeIDE, I am not able to program correctly t...

lonkenzo by Associate II
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