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Resolved! LTDC getting underrun interrupt when not enabled

Trying to bring up a bootloader. On the last step and having difficulty getting the screen working. All the LTDC initialization looks ok and am enabled the line interrupt and the transfer error interrupt. When enabling the LTDC getting slammed with u...

PCevo.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32 BSP Interrupts: Code Stuck in Default Handler

Hello,I am using the STM32H7B3I-EVAL evaluation board with a code generated by TouchGFX 4.20.0. My goal is as follows:Using a button (in this case, the Wakeup button on the evaluation board), change a PWM's duty cycle in stages (0% -> 25% -> 50% -> 7...

KMew by Senior III
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When I enabled DWT (STM32F407), for getting microsecond delays, everything works fine but suddenly all activity comes to a stop for about 2 minutes and then everything starts working as usual. Interrupts seem to be occurring but everything else freezes.

This happens at randomly. Spent more than a month trying to figure out the issue and never suspected DWT. When I commented out DWT everything works fine now. Can someone educate me on why this is happening and how to avoid it? Thank you for your time...

Hello, I'm using a STM32H750B-DK Discovery board with TouchGFX and FreeRTOS. I'm planning to have a working GUI with my own project. I'm having trouble combining a hardware timer with a working GUI.

My plan is to create a new task for my code, where I generate a hardware timer for PWM output with an interrupt. And on every interrupt trigger I want to execute some code.The problem is my GUI freezes when the timer starts, and the maximum frequency...

Tearing effect and TouchScreeen Blocking

Hi All,I'm developping an custom board with an SPI Display (480x320 poixels).When I enable the TE pin on display and when I managed by Stm32 by interrupt,the touch screen stop to work because TouchControll::sampletouch(uint32_t x, uint32_t y)is no lo...

MPast.1 by Senior II
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