STM32 MCUs TouchGFX and GUI

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STM32G0 board with custom LCD with 1bpp

Target Board: STM32G0  LCD Used: UC1629 256*160  No RTOSI am using scroll list widget to display my menus and have switches to navigate between screens. When I put 2 as the no of items on the screen, the scroll list is working fine, for 3 only part o...

snprintf on wildcard only once

Hi friends, I have this problem:static uint16_t txt[10];Unicode::snprintfFloat(txt,6U,"%0.2f",functionGetFloat());Unicode::snprintf( TextIndicatorBuffer,TEXTINDICATOR_SIZE,"%s %s",TypedText(T_STATEPRODUCTMANAGERWC5).getText(),txt);TextIndicator.setWi...

Common element on (almost) all screens

Dear communityI'm searching for a solution to have a common status bar (with a battery indicator, that is updated through the model) on all screens. I'm imagining a solution, where I can add a inheritance to the view of a screen (like in Solved: Exam...

JWill.11 by Associate II
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Resolved! MoveAnimator - Best practice to move an object

Hi,I'd like to discuss the best practice or approach to execute an infinite animation, like a GIF, to execute is while the screen is running.I've done a simple Box object, as an example purpose of my subject, to help in this topic. It could be line, ...

uilter by Senior
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