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Resolved! Direct access to screen on TouchGFX?

Hi,after reviewing answers to following post as a TouchGFX newby, I'm wondering: how one expects to do a following task by using TouchGFX's:ther...

bear2023R by Associate III
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DMA2D and LTDC double buffering

Hi everybody,I'm developing a simple gui on an STM32F429 microcontroller with the use of the STemWin grapich library. Everything is working well till I'm using just one framebuffer; now I would like to use double buffering to optimize the interface a...

andrea.l by Associate
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Resolved! Unknown interrupt on EXTI2 with GUI STemWin

Hello!Im having some problems with STM32F429ZIT about the interrupt handler. My microcontroller is connected on a LCD display by LTCD bus pheripheral and also has a interrupt input pin (PG2 - EXTI2 on falling edge detection border) connected on a ext...

TiagoAQ by Associate
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Resolved! Display buffer color formats in TouchGFX

I’ve already asked and didn’t get any answer to the following question: how did it happen that TouchGFX, being ST product, does not support the very basic HW feature of each and every LTDC interface in STM32 controllers, namely – L8 (8bpp) format wit...

bear2023R by Associate III
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Resolved! Honest opinion required: STemWin vs TouchGFX

I have to work on a long term project that involves using the LCD on the STM32H745XIH6 board and deciding which pathway to choose is crucial at the beginning of a project to avoid as much hassle as possible.If I use STemWin, will I get support from t...