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Resolved! Is Tilting the Image is possible in TouchGFX?

Hii,I am selecting the STM32F746G Discovery Board in TouchGFX Designer. In the Designer I have taken a Tiled image widget and I am trying to move the image vertically up and down. Now I want the same image to be tilted with some angle in TouchGFX. Is...

Shivani by Associate III
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STM32G0 board with custom LCD with 1bpp

Target Board: STM32G0  LCD Used: UC1629 256*160  No RTOSI am using scroll list widget to display my menus and have switches to navigate between screens. When I put 2 as the no of items on the screen, the scroll list is working fine, for 3 only part o...

STM32H750 LCD flickering

Hello,I am working on a custom board with STM32H750XBH6 MCU.In my project I am time to time getting LCD flickering issues. First it was only visible in release version. Then after switching off the compiler optimizations, it worked. Again I have got ...

Dinushka by Associate II
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Resolved! Result with unit display

Hi,I'm in the process of implementing a result screen which displays the result along with unit.Since the digits are not the same I see a spacing issue between result and result unit.Example : 11 cm , 22cmand 99 cmI cannot have a fixed x and y co ord...

KNara.2 by Associate III
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STM32H745 on 16 depth

Hello, i have stm32h745i for my project but unfortunately the SDRAM itself is not enough to handle my gui program.I use lvgl and squareline studio to make gui. I have thought that maybe if i can reduce the color depth from 32 to 16 will reduce my mem...

BAl K.1 by Associate III
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TouchGFX shows flicker on content update

Hiwe had made a custom STM32 board and we had some issues setting up TouchGFX. Display parallel interface with 800 x 480 pixels Model - > AT070TN94MCU: STM32H7B0VBT6External Flash QuadSpi W25Q128JVI use external Flash Boot LoaderLDTC Clock 32MHzThe i...

Resolved! Replacing all C++ codes in touchgfx with C

I am wondering if it's possible to replace all the C++ codes in the gui folder, that is, View.cpp, presenter.cpp & model.cpp with C codes instead?Would this result in a conflict with the other files in the generated folder if I leave them as .cpp? I ...