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Resolved! Howto combine TouchGFX and WPAN BLE ?

Project MX created without RTOS generate this main partMX_TouchGFX_Init(); MX_RTC_Init(); /* USER CODE BEGIN 2 */   /* USER CODE END 2 */   /* Init code for STM32_WPAN */ MX_APPE_Init(); /* Infinite loop */ /* USER CODE BEGIN WHILE */ ...

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TouchGFX Designer to STM32IDE

Hello,basically I've got myself STM32WB55 evaluation board and NUCLEO-GFX01M2 display module, to test out the TouchGFX Designer.And right at the start I got a problem I can not solve myself. After I've created a simple project in Designer and flashed...

Resolved! Header files STM32WB conflict with TouchGFX

I try add to pnucleo WB55 project touchgfx package and result is../Drivers/CMSIS/Device/ST/STM32WBxx/Include/stm32wb55xx.h:1084:29: error: expected identifier before '(' token 1084 | #define LCD ((LCD_TypeDef *) LCD_BASE) | ...

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Hello everyone.I have never used the STM32W series in any project but I have used nRF52 for our and my BLE projects so many times.It is a great MCU. But we are planning to change the BLE SoC for new projects.So I wonder, is it possible to use STM32W ...

Resolved! Frame buffer allocation aborts program

I'm testing TouchGFX on an STM32WB55 Nucleo Board. I configured the board using CubeMX, and designed a very simple screen in TouchFGX 4.18. I'm using an SPI LCD with ARGB222 format, and a partial buffer (just 1 block of 20 lines). Variable 'memory' i...

paolog by Associate III
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