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my own printf

Hi,I use my own printf(printf, snprintf...) in STM32 since many years.In atollic I added -fno-builtin-fprintf -fno-builtin-printf -fno-builtin-sprintf in the compiler option.Now with Cube IDE I do the same but the linker tells me that there are two d...

PCu1 by Senior
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LinkerScript for STM32F7508x(gcc)

Hi.​I make TouchGFX project for STM32F7508-DK.​I want to compile with TrueSTUDIO.​I found LinkerScript file in project/gcc folder.​​This file name is ​STM32F7508x_FLASH.ld. but this file is STM32F746NGHx.​Refer to the attached file.​Please, tell me ...

SPark.7 by Associate
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Resolved! Use TouchGFX 4.10 with CubeMX 5.2 and Atollic 9.3 on F769 Disco Board How to get it compiling / working? Is there a working example project / ioc file? Is there a step by step manual?

Hello,I was searching this forum and already found lots of help, but unfortunately I'm stuck to this issue. The Guide refers to CubeMX 5.0 and some things seem to be corrected since this version i.e. C/C++ combi project... but still CubeMX does not g...

Why does it say member function not declared.

Hi,I have been leaning how to use TouchGFX with the STM32F429I Discovery Board. I have managed to get buttons to work with hardware and for it to call Virtual function to toggle GPIO pins. however when i have tried to add a virtual function with a sl...

MikeP by Associate III
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