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ostringstream and stringstream operator<< makes hardfault exception (stm32f4, touchGFX, freeRTOS, malloc-wrapper), how to solve or alternatives?

Does ofstringstream and stringstream not work with freeRTOS?We develop a device using stm32f46x using touch GFX and freeRTOS. The system is generated with the latest STM32Cube IDE and the configuration tool. After crashes with localtime, new etc. I o...

awiernie by Senior II
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Resolved! Using any type of text causes HardFault

Hello,I followed this guide ( to adding TouchGFX to my existing project.I'm working with IAR 8.30.1 and tgfx 4.10.0 and STM32F429ZG and FreeRTOS V9.0.0 ( w...

HMehr.14 by Associate II
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Resolved! TouchGFX + OpenAMP coexist issue

Hello community,I am working on a project that involves the use of both CM7+CM4 cores from an stm32h7, to communicate both i need to use openamp. I have successfully made an standalone project that only have the openamp working, but when i port it to...

urbito by Associate III
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TouchGFX 4.22 simulator not working?

Hi all,I upgraded to TouchGFX 4.22 from 4.21 and now the simulator doesn't work. It was fine with the projects before and I haven't change much. The log (below) shows that it can't find cmsis_os.h in model.cpp. It seems to be the same error in the ot...

Rodo by Senior
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STM32H750 LCD flickering

Hello,I am working on a custom board with STM32H750XBH6 MCU.In my project I am time to time getting LCD flickering issues. First it was only visible in release version. Then after switching off the compiler optimizations, it worked. Again I have got ...

Dinushka by Associate II
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