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STM32H7B3I-EVAL + TouchGFX + FDCAN + "SD card"

I tried fdcan, touchgfx with stm32h7b3i-eval. I want to operate the SD card additionally, but it doesn't work.Here are the ioc settings:SDMMC1 -> SD 4bits Wide busFATFS -> check SD CardIf you disable "use dma tempate", it works, but if you want to us...

HJang.2 by Associate
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Usage together TouchGFX and FatFS

Hi everyone,I am trying to use fatfs with touchgfx in my project. I can mount SD card with fatfs. But I get an error that "FR_NO_FILESYSTEM" from fatfs stack when try to open a file.I installed and ran fatfs with cubeMX then copied to my touchgfx pro...

why? TouchGFX compiler throws this error Core/Src/main.c:25:10: fatal error: fatfs.h: No such file or directory #include "fatfs.h"

I am developing a small project to which I decided to add a USB-HOST in MSC (Mass Storage Class) mode, with the intention of adding a USB pen drive, obviously I require the use of FATFS (USB-DISK mode) drivers. However, the Touch v4.14 compiler gave ...