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 tocuhgfx 4.22.1 touchgfx 4.22.1 When using GPU2D for rendering the textArea component in stm32u5a9, there is an issue with the content not being rendered, but the images are not affected. There is a problem with rendering fewer characters when using...

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TouchGFX problems with DynamicGraphs

Hello, I have one problem in touchGFX with DynamicGraphs (scroll)and interactions.I have very simple animation in TouchGFX (version 4.22.1). Just one screen with 2 dynamicGraphs. The first Graph (Graph 1) is displayed for the first 3 seconds (Graph 2...

MatjazF by Associate II
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Error Linking Project with TouchGFX Designer

Dear ST Support Team,I am writing to report a bug that I have encountered while using the STM32U585 microcontroller with FMC communication, the ST7789v LCD, IAR 8.50.9, and TouchGFX Designer v4.21.3.I have successfully ported the virtual API stack of...

RMAST.1 by Associate
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Hi all, I am interfacing STM32U575 with ST7032i LCD in i2c can I read the busy flag of LCD or how to verify that the LCD is ready to accept next instruction or data..

I am not asking about the i2c Bus busy / idle , need to verify if the LCD is busy or not ...the Busy flag bit D7 is used as the SDA in i2c mode so noway to directly read it would be appreciated Thank you

rias by Associate II
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