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Touches propagating through containers

I have multiple containers on the screen at any given time. Most of the time, these containers are on top of each other. Today I just noticed that touching on the top container, will sometimes click a button on the container below it. How can I stop ...

Resolved! TouchGFX on custom board

I am working on touchGFX on custom board where I am creating my project in CubeIDE.I have integrated the touchGFX in .ioc file but when I try to compile the code in TouchGFX designer I get following error  Post Generate Target    touchgfx update_proj...

AS.19 by Associate II
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How to draw a dynamic picture at runtime?

I’m using STM32CubeIDE 1.2.1 and TouchGFX 4.13.0 with STM32F746G-DISC0 kit.I would like to calculate an image at runtime and then display it. Is there a manual or something similar? I have tried the AnimationStorage, unfortunately getAnimationStorage...

DMeix.1 by Associate II
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Multiple problems with autogenerated code

Dear ST, please help me resolve these issues. Here are the details:1. I create an app in GFX with some widgets that use images. The board is program it from GFX and everything loo...