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control an LED with a toggle button on TouchGFX

I'm new to TouchGFX and I'm attempting to control an LED with a toggle button on TouchGFX. I've written some code for it, but I'm encountering two errors that I'm having trouble understanding. Could you provide any advice or assistance on how to reso...

sana1 by Associate III
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TouchGFX GUI intermittent artifacts

Hello, we are using Riverdi displays but this may be a generic problem. We are using RVT70HSSNWN00 and RVT101HVSNWN00 and there is an intermittent problem.We used project generated from the TouchGFX example to develop a graphical application. Sometim...

touchgfx custom spi single and double buffer

I'm working with a Nucleo L476 board, I have a 128x160 SPI TFT display connected. I have no issues with the display and the bare metal code I wrote but wanted to learn touchgfx. No issue with the partial buffer implementation but I'm stuck at single ...

actc by Associate
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Event dispatching/bubbling and event interception

Hello, I am trying to understand how and in which order exactly events are dispatched to drawables in the draw tree. I was not able to find any information regarding this topic on the touchgfx documentation website. I have two use cases for which thi...

clickable-items-in-scroll-listsvg.jpg nested-scroll-list-and-scroll-container.jpg
FayS by Associate
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Strange effect when widget is pressed

Hi everybody, In my custom board I discover a strange effect when I interact with widget.The latest widget redraw has always a lots of wrong pixels while the previous one is redrawed correctly.I'm using an STM32H743VIT6, with touchGFX 4.23.2 and Stm3...

MPast.1 by Senior II
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