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STemWin or TouchGFX for STM32 graphics?

I'm first working with GUIs and have some experience on bare-metal firmware programming for STM32 on SW4STM32. I'm studying both ways for GUI (TouchGFX and STemWin), but I can't understand all the pros and cons. Should I use TouchGFX for new projects...

JSilv.3 by Associate II
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HI. I get an error when compiling with sw4stm32.

When I run the program like the picture below, a checksum error occurs.After that, if I reset the hardware, it will work normally.I guess it is a problem caused by using external memory.But I want to know the exact reason why and I want to fix it.Ple...

YJMoon by Associate III
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STM32F769I-Disco with CubeMX + sw4stm32

Hello,I have tried to generate a simple GUI with touchgfx, CubeMX and sw4stm32 for stm32f769I-Disco. I used the guide "Configuring STM32F769I-Disco" from TouchGFX I have also read the Tutorial 10 from UM1718. But the GUI on the Screen does not look l...

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