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STM32L073 about LCD Set-up Convertor when setting LCD_VOLTAGESORCE_INTERNAL. The set voltage and measured voltage are different.

Hello Developper Teams.​I use STM32L073.​About LCD Setting, The set voltage and measured voltage are different.​For example,  hlcd.Init.Contrast = LCD_CONTRASTLEVEL_0(2.6V) --> Measured voltage = 3.7VIs there another place to set it?​Setting HD=1 dro...

R.K by Associate II
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STM32 STOP mode with LCD

In an aplication using STM32L0 I need to enter the STOP mode when I realize the AC mains disappears and the uC must be powered by a battery.So before entering the STOP I obvioulsy deinit all the peripherals used till then and put the pins in analog m...

MVill.6 by Associate II
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Multiplexed drive of LCD

I have a custom lcd to drive with STM32L073VBTx's internal lcd driver. Duty cyle is 1/4 and the bias is 1/3. The problem is the common pins are activated sequentially even the LCD's RAM registers are equal to 0. When I activate some bits in LCD's RAM...

MCevik by Associate II
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