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Resolved! X-Nucleo-IKS01A2 and Nucleo-L496ZG

Hello,I would like to know about the integration between Nucleo-L496GZ with X-Nucleo-IKS01A2 sensor board.Is there really no example that facilitates the integration of these boards?There really is no example using the Nucleo-L496ZG integrated with s...

GThab.1 by Associate II
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Is VL6180X really a stable sensor in practice?

Hi,I am using VL6180X sensor in project to detect hands or other objects, without using API. I am setting registers myself. One thing that is really disappointed me regardless of other amazing features, is the interrupt and flags. Whenever the interr...

ashah.16 by Associate II
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Reading from LIS3MDL interrupt fails the second time.

Hey All,I'm trying to read from an LIS3MDL after a threshold interrupt. While I configure everything ok and receive interrupts the chip only responds to the first event. All subsequent events fail. Here's the setup:write to 0x1C ack data: 0x0F read t...

0693W00000GXyjGQAT.png 0693W00000GXyjLQAT.png

Resolved! LIS2DH12 current consumption in the Low power .

Hello folks,I am trying to interface LIS2DH12 with NRF52840 DK(nordic semiconductor's Development Board )by using SPI bus protocol for which I have used the ST drivers from the link below,

ASing.15 by Associate II
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lsm6dsl too high power consumption problem

Operating Voltage:3.3VThe initial configuration of lsm6dsl is as follows/** * @brief Initialize the LSM6DSL sensor * @param pObj the device pObj * @retval 0 in case of success, an error code otherwise */ int32_t LSM6DSL_Init(void) { /* Enable...

Slong.1 by Associate II
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