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STM32CubeIDE 1.16.0 released

STM32CubeIDE 1.16.0 was released today on as well as an in-tool update patch. What is new in 1.16.0?Microcontroller and board lists aligned with STM32CubeMX v6.12.0 : STM32C0, STM32WB0 and STM32MP25XXAdded CMake support for multicontext projec...

Resolved! JTAG Daisy Chain

Hello All,I am in the process of designing a circuit with four microcontrollers in Daisy chain. I would like to program and debug them via one JTAG port, hence will be daisy chaining them. Which one of the programmers can do this?. I have used ST-Lin...

ABhuv.1 by Associate II
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How to link multiple projects together?

I am working on a code that needs multiple projects to be linked to the main project. Every time I copy the project to a new system, the projects become unlinked and the linking is required. Is it possible to add a relative path so that the projects ...

NKuma.17 by Associate
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STM32CubeIDE 1.10.1 released

Fixed issue131250 source files got deleted after project migrationRelated threadsSTM32CubeIDE 1.10.0 Migration IssueHow to avoid project migration issue in STM32CubeMX v6.6.0 and STM32CubeIDE v 1.10.0

STM32CubeIDE shows login dialogs on startup.

Hello, I have just installed v1.9.0 on a new laptop and whenever I start the program I get login dialogs for multiple sites, (for ST, ST SW, Eclipse, etc.) and when I use my normal login credentials it rejects them. Also when I attempt a soft...

BMohl.1 by Associate II
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