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Project using NUCLEO-F411RE and X-NUCLEO-GFX01M2 on MacOS

Associate II

I have recently bought:

- a NUCLEO-F411RE board

- a X-NUCLEO-GFX01M2 TFT board


I work on Mac.

Unfortunatly, TouchGFXDesigner doesn't exist for Mac.


So I have installed STM32CubeIDE, STM32CubeProgrammer, and STM32CubeMX on my Mac.

I have installed TouchGFXDesigner on a Windows PC I can access to.


I have built a project on TouchGFXDesigner. It works fine with the simulator.

I want now to have this small project on my two boards.

So I have transfered the project directory from the PC to the Mac.

I have then launched STM32CubeProgrammer, and created a project from the directory received from the PC.


How can I now finish the project on the Mac, and transfer it to my boards.

In a first time, I just want to see what have been done on TouchGFXDesigner.


In fact, I don't see how associate the two boards, build the mini project, and upload it to the borads.


I'm completely new to STM32.

I have watched many videos on Youtube, read many docs, but I'm stuck doing this.


If someone could explain how to do, or point to a useful doc...


There are many examples but they all use other boards.