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Matter software expansion for STM32Cube

Dear all, The X-CUBE-MATTER Expansion Package is now available on our official website following this link  MATTER - Matter software expansion for STM32Cube - STMicroelectronics  It is a reference implementation for the demonstration of Matter on ST...

Ouadi by ST Employee
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Resolved! How can i extend payload size beyond 20 bytes?

i am using stm32wb55 nueclo board, and i created a ble service for read, write and notify. In write and notify services i am able to send the data(20 bytes) to the client. but i want to send upto 100 bytes. How can i extend payload size?

MK.3 by Associate II
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What is the least effort process to modify a LRWN expansion example project for the STM32L476 mcu, imported as a file system project into STM32CubeIDE , to instead support an STM32L433 mcu?

Not sure if this is the best place to ask, but essentially I want to modify the LoRaWAN end-node example for STM32L476 using SX1262 transceiver to work with an STM32L433 mcu, initially making use of a Nucleo-L433RC-P board with a transceiver module w...

Resolved! Understanding power setup in STM32 Cube

Hello! I'm working with the P-Nucleo-WB55 development kit (STM32WB55 chip) and was trying to setup a project for my first time using STM32CubeIDE. My application is going to want to start up, initialize the peripherals and sensors, then go to sleep...

JayDev by Senior II
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Resolved! STM32WB and st7789 via spi

I have been trying to get the stm32wb nucleo working with the st7789 lcd but have only observed strange behavior. I have successfully gotten it to work with the stm32f103c8t6 using the code found here. When CPOL=0 on the stm32f103 the screen does not...

MSpot.1 by Associate II
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Generated Makefile does not compile.

Hi, I'm evaluating this function pack for the STM32WB family, and it contains projects for various IDEs including STM32CubeIDE project & STM32CubeMX config file.

Romain1 by Associate III
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