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Matter software expansion for STM32Cube

Dear all, The X-CUBE-MATTER Expansion Package is now available on our official website following this link  MATTER - Matter software expansion for STM32Cube - STMicroelectronics  It is a reference implementation for the demonstration of Matter on ST...

Ouadi by ST Employee
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How to enable BLE in STM32WB5MMG using STMCubeIDE?

We made custome PCB board using STM32WB5MMG. We tried (489) BLE Security with STM32WB - 04 Simple BLE application generated from CubeMX - YouTube, and also we followed repository example too. We enabled the necessary settings which is mentioned above...

Target is not responding, retrying...

Using a sample example from your database code.Compatible with stack 1.15.0 (that is the stack I am running)STMicroelectronics ST-LINK GDB server. Version 7.1.0Copyright (c) 2022, STMicroelectronics. All rights reserved.Starting server with the follo...

DS.4 by Senior II
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STM32WB55 doesn't remain in STANDBY mode

Hello,I'm trying to put the STM32WB55 into standby mode and eventually wake it up using wakeup pin 1 (PA0), but it wakes up directly after the HAL_PWR_EnterSTANDBYMode() is executed. After that, I checked the PWR->SR1 and it had BLEWUF bit set, but I...

MTkac.1 by Associate II
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Hello, what are the constraints when reprogramming the ARR register in the LPTIM peripheral? E.g. does the counter need to be stopped, or can it be running? Does the ARRM interrupt get triggered only if CNT==ARR, or also for CNT>ARR?

I could not find a definite answer on the STM32WBx5 reference manual.I am setting the LPTIM to generate a periodic interrupt by configuring the ARR register, say to 1 millisecond period. Occasionally, I need to reprogram the ARR with a longer period,...

ECost.2 by Associate
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STM32WB55: DTM/aci_hal_tone_start not activating

Hi, I try to start a a continuous waveform (CW) from the STM32WB radio using theaci_hal_tone_start command from the DTM suite. I execute the following commands:hci_reset( );HAL_Delay( 10 );aci_hal_set_tx_power_level( 1, tx_pow );aci_hal_tone_start( R...

BPeet.1 by Associate
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