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Build Failed! Lorawan End Node Project for custom board

Associate II

Several Issues causing this fail, as I can see from the console.

1. First, I used to STMCubeMX to generated code while doing the pin Configuration by my own. STM32WLE5CCU6 is the target device in my case. I followed the schematics to do the pin configuration. I Enabled the USART1 and USART2 but the generated code missing the Usart_if.h file in the includes folder. Therefore causing the fatal Error.

2. Several warning being issued ,11 to be exact. Due the BSP driver also not being included in the Driver folder.

How to solve these issues? 



Associate II

I did managed to get rid of the fatal error by enabling I2C communication from "Connectivity", Even though as per the my Electrical schematic those pins are not required at all. The program build was without error and but now with two warnings.

Warning-1. Description Resource Path Location Type implicit declaration of function 'MX_DMA_Init'; did you mean 'HAL_DMA_Init'? [-Wimplicit-function-declaration] usart_if.c /LoraWanEND_NODE/Core/Src line 107 C/C++ Problem

Warning-2.Description Resource Path Location Type implicit declaration of function 'MX_USART1_UART_Init' [-Wimplicit-function-declaration] usart_if.c /LoraWanEND_NODE/Core/Src line 108 C/C++ Problem

I would appreciate if you have any solution for the warnings.

Also I have a question that I kept wondering. whether for a Custom Board, we are required to have "BSP Driver"?

It Caught my attention on file radio_board_if.h, where it is written that STMCubeMX generated code do not support BSP Driver.

Also there are way explain in another file, For user board the directory can be copied to the project.

Kindly Check the pictures.

your kind feedback is much appreciated.



Hello @MahadiHasan32 

For the 2 warnings, solution is available on this Post. For the BSP, it is available only for Evaluation boards (Nucleo, Disco, Eval). So, when generating a code for an MCU, the generated code does not support BSP Driver. 

Best Regards.



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