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X-CUBE-TOUCHGFX 4.24.0 is out!

TouchGFX 4.24.0 is now out. Please follow this link to download it. 4.24.0 Release details: Release date: June 6th, 2024 New TouchGFX Designer Features: Added a QR Code widget.Added RGB Compression for images. New TouchGFX Core Features:  Added RG...

LouisB by ST Employee
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TouchGFX Academy launch announcement!

Dear Community, We're excited to announce the creation of the TouchGFX Academy! The TouchGFX Academy is a new place to learn TouchGFX with concrete examples and to find answers to your questions when developing your UI. It includes tutorials of cour...

TouchGFX documentation feedback

We wish to always improve our documentation. The best reviews and critics always come from the people that read it, so we would like to use this post to collect your thoughts and feedbacks. Please share what you like, dislike, what you think is missi...

Share your Custom Widgets!

When creating a UI project, you may need widgets that are not part of the TouchGFX library. To create your own graphical element, the TouchGFX team suggests using the Custom Container approach. Since TouchGFX 4.20 it is possible to export and import ...

Resolved! Black horizontal lines when SDRAM is used. Why?

Hello,another day, another problem...I just started with a custom board. But i am using parts which are already working on boards from ST so i thought it will be easy to adapt.I started a new project and if i use internal RAM for a touchgfx box every...

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Resolved! "Run-Simulator", Compiler, Where can I suppress the error "...may be undefined [-Werror=sequence-point]"?

TouchGFX 4.21.1When compiling for "Run Simulator" I get the following error message:Run Simulator  Generate    Wrote generated/simulator/gcc/Makefile    Done  Generate Assets    make -f simulator/gcc/Makefile assets -j10 -Wno-error=sequence-point    ... by Associate III
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Resolved! Change color of a svgImage

Hi,I just installed the version 4.21.1 to play around with svg images and I just found out that there is no way to change the color of the image in the 'svg image widget' whereas it's possible to do so in the traditionnal 'image' widget. Why is it so...

GMeur by Senior
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Resolved! STM32MX Cube pins are changing without a notice!

I'm using STM32MX Cube to assign pins for different features.I have a lot of communication ports and GPIO:s enabled in my STM32H750.I have prototype 1 working, I noticed that when I add for instance an extra I2C other pins move without notice. For in...

BHell.1 by Associate II
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I am using an STM32F469I$AU1 development board. I am also using the TouchGFX Ver 4.21.0 to develop a UI. I want to communicate through the virtual COM port using printf so I have modified the main() function in stm32cubeide to redirect printf().

I have redirected printf to output through USART3. USART3 is being properly initialized. I have checked that it is sending data through USART3 up to function HAL_UART_Transmit(&huart3, &*c, 1, 10); and everything looks right but no data goes out the...

SMaci.2 by Associate
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