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MCSDK 6.3.0 is out!

Dear MCSDK users, MCSDK version 6.3 is now available: Download It here. Here are the main changes for this version: Motor Control Features: FOCAdded C0 single shunt topology support.6StepThis algorithm has been enhanced on MCSDK version 6.3 release ...

GMA by ST Employee
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Board Manager documentation is out !

The documentation of the Board descriptions format is now available on the Motor Control Wiki, this documentation is compatible with version 6.1.2 of the MCSKD. Board Descriptions are used by the ST motor-control workbench to enable users to configur...

Zied b. by ST Employee
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MCSDK documentation and your feedback

Motor Control Wiki: STM32 Motor Control Knowledge Database - stm32mcuMC Frequently asked questions (FAQ):Frequently asked questions (FAQ) - stm32mcu   The documentation of the Board descriptions format is now available on the Motor Control Wiki:   Wi...

Zied b. by ST Employee
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Resolved! Motor profiles and MIGE motors

I purchased two different ST controller boards:B-G431B-ESC1NUCLEO-G431RB and X-NUCLEO-IHM16M1I also have two motors:MIGE 80ST-M04025MIGE 130ST-M10010I've tried to profile the motors using the ST Motor Profiler but it always errors with "Profiling tak...

SPiet.1 by Associate
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Resolved! Changing Over Current Protection Comparator threshold does not change the Standby 1 and 2 outputs accordingly in the code

I'm currently trying to spin a motor using the STEVAL_SPIN3201 and the motor control workbench and when I add a small load I get the overcurrent fault. After some research in the source code I realised that the OCCOMP was indeed overcurrenting with t...

0693W000000TglqQAC.png 0693W000000Tgm0QAC.png 0693W000000TglvQAC.png
PBela.1 by Associate II
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