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Position Control with Quadrature Encoders

Hi,I am trying to create a User Application where I pass in commands from a terminal application (ex: Putty or Ucon) which results in the motor doing something.I have configured the MC Workbench with the following options:   Not using the MC Pilot so...

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smaiti by Associate III
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Resolved! Board not recognised by Motor Control SDK

Hello,I have tried multiple times to connect a Nucleo-G4R31B to the motor profiler.The software fails to recognise the boards at any of the preset baud rates.The board is recognised by the computer and is visible on the device manager. It is also pro...

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<MDK 5.4.8> FOC Sensored(HALL)

MCU : NUCLEO-F103 (STM32F103RB)POWER : NUCLEO-IHM07M1 3HI want to use a POTENTIOMETER to control the speed.How to? <MDK 6.2.1>MCU : NUCLEO-G431POWER : NUCLEO-IHM16M1 I used to a POTENTIOMETER to control the speed. 

chocho by Associate II
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Hello everybody, i am new in ST. I am designing my own ESC.It is a control of a high power motor (950V, 400A Peak) to a BLDC / PMSM motor. I am designing my own power part and I need advice about the logic part, which NUCLEO is the best???Parameters:...

Vlad_ESC by Associate
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FOC Phase Current Noise (Low Inductance Motor)

Greetings,The motor I am working on is low inductant ~0.1mH with a max speed of ~2500rpm. I am wrestling with noise on the measured phase current signals, which distorts the control loop and in the end results in bad control or 'Over Current' Fault. ...

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