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STM32446RE with Stepper Motor Driver L6470 IC

HelloI understand the Nucleo 401 board was developed with the l6470 stepper motor driverI have been trying to interfacel6470 it with the nucleo 446re arm, with very little joy,... actually no joy due to the very poor C code support from ST and the L6...

JHERI by Senior
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dc stepper motor

I am attempting to control the speed of a DC stepper motor using an Infineon TLE8444SL motor driver. The four outputs of the driver are connected to the motor, with inputs 1 and 2 shorted and connected to pin Pa1, and inputs 3 and 4 shorted and conne...

NASOK.1 by Associate II
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Hello,With STM32F411E-DISCO, I am trying to obtain the RPM value by receiving data from the hall sensor of the BLDC motor. For this, I activated XOR On / HALL EFFECT Mode and connected the pins of the hall sensors to the relevant places.HAL_TIMEx_Hal...

sheqom by Associate III
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SimpleFOC open loop poor performance

Howdy. Sorry to have an issue on my first post. I just purchased and programmed a Nucleo 401re to drive a SimpleFOC shield for open loop bldc motor control. I originally used a 2015 Arduino Uno with excellent results, 0.1% speed variant on the vinyl ...

jazzboy by Associate
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MC SDK start motor stucked

I'm using a STM32F4 and MC SDK 5.4.8 to control a BLDC motor from MAXON, when start the motor without load, the motor can be started everytime, but sometimes it will stucked with a load, the motor control status is still RUN, but the motor will not r...

Guopeng by Associate II
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Motor control fails after motor stop

I am using an e-bike motor 48V350W with an EVALSTDRIVE101 3Sh and NUCleo F401REboard to do some tests. The motor only starts the first time I press start and then if I stop it doesn't resume rotation unless I restart the Nucleo board. I analyzed the...

MLasc.1 by Associate
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