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OCP in custom board

I have over current protection like this in my custom board how can i implement this on motor control workbench here is my file and i'm getting eror when i try create with six step 

Screenshot 2024-04-07 220844.png Screenshot 2024-04-07 220859.png
TKara.2 by Associate II
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STSPIN32G4 with a brushless drone motor

Hello,For our application, we have developed a brushless motor driver 1.5KW based on the EVSPIN32G4 circuit board.We use a brushless drone motor with 14 pairs of poles ( I use MC workbench 6.2.1 for...

JLC by Associate II
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Position Control with Quadrature Encoders

Hi,I am trying to create a User Application where I pass in commands from a terminal application (ex: Putty or Ucon) which results in the motor doing something.I have configured the MC Workbench with the following options:   Not using the MC Pilot so...

smaiti_0-1704304765448.png smaiti_1-1704304797449.png smaiti_3-1704304919032.png
smaiti by Associate III
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Motor Power Calculation (Watt)

Hello, I am working on a motor control project that is to be driven battery-powered. This means that the DC current has to be monitored in order to avoid overloading the battery. I have made a Control Loop which takes in a DC Current reference as inp...

MC_STEVAL_FOC_5A_Current_Limit_v3.png {6248B94D-DE7D-40BE-9ED5-2D173B42E8C9}.png

Motor does not start

Tools:MCSDK - 6.2.1MC Workbench 6.2.1STM32CubeMX - 6.10STM32CubeIDE - 1.14.1ST Motor Pilot - 1.2.5Hardware SetupNucleo-0G474RESTEVAL-IPM30B (My own version of the board, same circuit and layout)X-NUCLEO-IHM09M2I-PMSM motor 9 Pole Pairs, 220W, 36VDETA...

Jorgie by Associate II
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<MDK 5.4.8> FOC Sensored(HALL)

MCU : NUCLEO-F103 (STM32F103RB)POWER : NUCLEO-IHM07M1 3HI want to use a POTENTIOMETER to control the speed.How to? <MDK 6.2.1>MCU : NUCLEO-G431POWER : NUCLEO-IHM16M1 I used to a POTENTIOMETER to control the speed. 

chocho by Associate
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