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STM32F407 Using GPIO to generate 5V PWM

I am working on the STM32F407 and we made some bad choises when selecting a motor. The motor control signal is 5V hence we need to generate 5V PWM signal using the STM32F407. Sadly, we have wired the GPIO from the STM32F407 directly to the motor cont...

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LPetr.1 by Senior
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PWM Motor Control with STM32

So, After many hours of suffering and understanding the basics of CubeIDE I got stuck and cant find any solution.My main goal was to control bldc motor by RC controller and this is what i have achieved so far :void HAL_TIM_IC_CaptureCallback(TIM_Hand...

Matyáš by Associate II
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Resolved! problem in STM32Cubeide

Hello,Im new to this and im stuck on 2 things i generated a code from the motorcontrol workbench and im using a Nucleo 64 f030R8 with a IHM07M1A BLDC Motor controller. i can start the motor and control speed. 1st question : where can i change directi...

How do I flash firmware to the B-G431B-ESC1?

I'm trying to get the basic firmware running, but I think I'm doing something wrong because the ESC doesn't seem to function. I've generated an IDE project for the B-G431B-ESC1 using the ST Motor Control Workbench, which I then opened in STM32CubeIDE...

ZRoma.1 by Associate
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Resolved! Motor does not start with B-G431B-ESC1 board.

Hi all,I'm new to the STM32 world and ST motor control tools, so I might be missing something obvious.I have the B-G431B-ESC1 development board connected to a BLDC motor.I generated the code for FOC with the MC-WB 6.1.2 and STCubeMX 6.8.1. Compiled w...