STM32 MCUs Motor control

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Motor Workbench 6.2.1

Hi, I'm currently using Motor Workbench 6.2.1 and I'm trying to create a new project with a custom power board. To that end, I want to create the JSON descriptor file of the board.I have read the "Motor Control Boards description format" manual from ...

RTira.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Steval-Esc001v1

Hello I am trying to use the new X-CUBE-MCSDK 6.1 but can not find the STEVAL-ESC001V1 device in the listed power or control section when I am trying to start a new project. Is this device not supported or am I missing something?Thanks

Trouble with STEVAL-STSPIN3201

First, I am new to this board and to development using ST products.I have identified the STEVAL-STSPIN3201 as being the platform most suited to the project I am involved with and have attempted, unsuccessfully, to use ST Motor Control Workbench 6.1.1...

DHemb.1 by Associate II
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Is there documentation for ST FOC with generators ?

As I understand, FOC is bidirectional. When iq and speed are opposite in direction, the motor is working as a generator. But we need details for how this works when operating with different speeds and different loads. Does anyone know some good docum...

c1ron by Associate III
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