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My ST-Link/V2-1 doesn't work after upgrading FW

Hi!My ST-Link/V2-1 of NUCLEO-F302R8 doesn't work after upgrading ST-Link/V2-1's FW to latest version. Using lsusb it seems appear: Bus 001 Device 008: ID 0483:374b STMicroelectronics ST-LINK/V2.1However, STLinkUpgrader says something wrong with it...

OChen.1 by Associate II
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Issue about STM32F746ZG + IHM08M1

HiI want to use STM32F746ZG and IHM08M1 to control BLDC and PMSM.I already remove recommended bridges and resistor, but I have some issue.1.    F746ZG can’t connect motor profiler.if I only use a USB, there will shows an error. if I use USB and ST-Li...

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Erem by Associate
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STEVAL-SPIN3201 not detecting STLink

I have purchased the STEVAL-SPIN3201 board, but the STM32Programmer does not detect the ST-Link, the LEDs are not getting ON. I also purchased the external ST-LINK V2, with that i tried connecting and erased the memory. The USB driver also having pro...

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JDesi.1 by Associate II
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How to update 2018 STM32F3 Motor Control Hands-On Workshop to use current versions of software on Windows 10 and port to macOS Big Sur?

Folks, I was pleased to attend this workshop in Santa Clara, CA, two years ago and receive the hardware (Nucleo-F302R8, X-Nucleo-IHM07M1, small BLDC motor and power adapter) and workshop software (bundled in an installer). Still have all of this, in...