STM32 MCUs Motor control

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GPIO pin doesn't have output

I configure 6 channel GPIO pins to generate PWM signals to control 3-phase bridge. There is one pin(PC13) sometimes stop to generate signal. Even we reset 3.3V power voltage, it won't recover. one time I inject 20k square wave to pin PC13 to verif...

LFu.1 by Associate II
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Where do I can find the pins that I have to associate between NUCLEO-F303RE and STEVAL-IPM15B 3Sh if I want to use it for motor profiling ?

I bought the NUCLEO-F303RE MCU and the STEVAL-IPM15B 3Sh evaluation board and I want to use it with motor Profiler 5.4.3 software. My only issues is that I don't know where to find the pins that I have to associate between these two boards. If someon...

JLort.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! AMT102-V rotary encoder with STM32F407

#define EXTI1_IRQ_PRIO 7   TIM_HandleTypeDef htim1;   int32_t enc1_index = 0;   void enc1_index_callback(void) { if (__HAL_TIM_DIRECTION_STATUS(&htim1)==1) { enc1_index--; } else { enc1_index++; }   __HAL_TIM_SetCounter(&htim1, 0); // res...

ARöss.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Utility of GPIO_BEMF

Hello everyone,I'm working on the ST B-G431B-ESC1 board and I don't understand the function of the pin GPIO_BEMF from the Back-EMF detection. This pin is in common with the others motor phase. Can you explain the function of this pin please ?The full...

PSicl.1 by Associate
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