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Resolved! FOC control of 2 motors

I am currently working with a STM32G431RB and X-Nucleo-IHM08M1 and a motor with Halls. I want to drive 2 motors independently with the control board. Workbench seems to allow for 2 motors with FOC but not with the STM32G431RB.In fact, there appears t...

How to use motor without hall?

Issue in short: When changing to a motor without hall, the project breaks and doesn't build anymore. Full Explanation:I started a project that uses a motor with hall sensors.The project is set up in the MCWB to primarily use the Observer and as Auxil...

DMeie.2 by Senior
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BLDC motor control using Temperature sensor

Hi all, I have been trying to control my BLDC motor with an condition where if the surrounding temperature increases a threshold temperature the bldc motor should turn fast else slow. I am using lm35 as temperature sensor, i was able to interface thi...

OCP in custom board

I have over current protection like this in my custom board how can i implement this on motor control workbench here is my file and i'm getting eror when i try create with six step 

Screenshot 2024-04-07 220844.png Screenshot 2024-04-07 220859.png
TKara.2 by Associate II
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STSPIN32G4 with a brushless drone motor

Hello,For our application, we have developed a brushless motor driver 1.5KW based on the EVSPIN32G4 circuit board.We use a brushless drone motor with 14 pairs of poles ( I use MC workbench 6.2.1 for...

JLC by Associate II
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