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STM32 L476RG with IHM04A1

Hi, I have Nucleo L476RG with IHM04A1 shield. Also i have JK42HS34-0404 stepper motor. My question is how i can connect this and run? I read a lot of documentation, but i cant run it. Any help will be appreciated

Mexo by Associate
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Resolved! Customer is using STM32L4 and L6235Q

The customer was looking for a lock function from its BLDC motor driver. They were advised to use the “dynamic braking�? function of their motor driver, it seems - from what I understand. The Dynamic braking function does not offer a true locking fun...

EHD by Associate II
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Issues with Motor Control SDK

I have a BLDC 24v 2.7 v/kprm 1.5 ohm 2.1mH device with a 200 CPR 2 channel single ended incremental encoder. I am using a NUCLEO-L476RG and X-NUCLEO-IHM08M1. I seem to have an issue with some of the terminology used. First the motor control SDK ment...

CRadn.1 by Associate II
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