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motorbench 6.2.1 with cube MX

Hello,I have intsalled the motorbench version 6.2.1, and I have already the cubeMX version 6.9, but when I'm using the motorbench and trying to open an example for the steval-spin3201, it's working until I reach the generate program and it's saying a...


How to upload STEVAL-ESC002V1?

I bought a STEVAL-ESC002V1 board and I don't know how to customize its firmware. I downloaded STM32CUDE IDE and Motor Control Workbench but none of than have a board option for STEVAL-ESC002V1 nor STSPIN32F0A. So, I downloaded the STSW-ESC002V1 which...

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Regarding motor low RPM not achieved

I have a BLDC motor equipped with Hall sensors. When attempting to run the motor in FOC (Field-Oriented Control) mode, I encountered difficulties achieving the required low RPM. Consequently, I configured the Hall sensors to run the motor, but encoun...

suhas1 by Associate II
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cubeMx with stspin32g4

i want to create a firmware for the stspin32g4 mcu but the cubeMx let me not select this mcu. in fact no spin mcu. i can not select a mcu with name spincubemx bug or st now not support the mcu with integrated drivers?

frankers by Associate
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STM32F407 Using GPIO to generate 5V PWM

I am working on the STM32F407 and we made some bad choises when selecting a motor. The motor control signal is 5V hence we need to generate 5V PWM signal using the STM32F407. Sadly, we have wired the GPIO from the STM32F407 directly to the motor cont...

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Hi,In the generation, warning and fatal errors are occurred as attached,What's the reasons of these faults and,How I can solve it ? Evaluation Board : EVSPIN32F0602S1.MotorControl Workbench V5.4.8STM32CubeMX5.6

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....MCPackNotFound...........How to solve it ?

Hi, Im very beginner for MotorWorkBecn tool.I faced with error in the generarion step, like attched photos.Generation step- Completed with errors."......MCPackNotFound......" I'm trying to drive with EVSPIN32F0602S1.MotorControl Workbench V5.4.8 How ...

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