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Motor Pilot bug: Torque resets to zero

I'm having following issue with the Motor Pilot that comes with the MCSDK 6.2.1 (V1.2.5).I try to modify the Rev-up phase configuration.Now when I write a torque value in any of the phases, this value resets to zero and is saved on the board (pressin...

DMeie.2 by Senior
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Motor does not start

Tools:MCSDK - 6.2.1MC Workbench 6.2.1STM32CubeMX - 6.10STM32CubeIDE - 1.14.1ST Motor Pilot - 1.2.5Hardware SetupNucleo-0G474RESTEVAL-IPM30B (My own version of the board, same circuit and layout)X-NUCLEO-IHM09M2I-PMSM motor 9 Pole Pairs, 220W, 36VDETA...

Jorgie by Associate II
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Resolved! Board not recognised by Motor Control SDK

Hello,I have tried multiple times to connect a Nucleo-G4R31B to the motor profiler.The software fails to recognise the boards at any of the preset baud rates.The board is recognised by the computer and is visible on the device manager. It is also pro...

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Hello everybody, i am new in ST. I am designing my own ESC.It is a control of a high power motor (950V, 400A Peak) to a BLDC / PMSM motor. I am designing my own power part and I need advice about the logic part, which NUCLEO is the best???Parameters:...

Vlad_ESC by Associate
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EVSPIN32F02Q1S1 + BLDC motor

[VERSION]: ver 6.2.0[TOOL]: MC Workbench ver 6.2.0, STM32CubeMX, STM32CubeIDE[DETAILS]: I am new to STM motor control software and I am trying to use the MCSDK and the EVSPIN32F02Q1S1 inverter board to run a BLDC motor (datasheet attached). I am tryi...

BSEO by Associate
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Profiles for STEVAL-ETH001V1

Hello,I'm evaluating the STEVAL-ETH001V1 and wanted to create a project in MC Workbench for that board. Unfortunately this is not listed as an option and I also can't find a Workbench project or profile file or an STM32CubeIDE project.Is there anythi...

MWiel.1 by Associate II
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Evspin32G4-dual : Turning 2 motors simultaneously

Hello,I have an EVSPIN32G4-Dual, I am Trying to Run 2 HooverBoard Motors (36V/15A/510RPM/HALL).I generated the firmware using Mc Workbench 6.2.1 and desabled the overcurrent protection for stage 2. Then tried to command the motors using motor pilot, ...

ItzSam by Associate II
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STM Control - Motor Pilot UART Protocol

Dear STM32 Community,I am reaching out to you regarding a specific inquiry about the development of a prototype that involves controlling BLDC motors using an EVSPIN32G4 demo board. Our aim is to set up a test stand where the motor speed control is c...

kaps by Associate II
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Motor Control Workbench

Hello guys, I want to control an AC servo motor (ELM2H-0400LA60F) and a Motor Driver (RS-400P) with an STM32f407 discovery kit. But I cannot find my motor and control in the MC Workbench. Is it possible to work with MC Workbench in this regard?? 

Motor controlling using nucleo G071RB and IHM07M1

 hello st community,I am experiencing issues while trying to operate the BR2804 1700Kv BLDC motor with the IHM07M1 motor controller and nucleo G071RB board. we are just using the software like cube mx , cube ide to genarate code . while using g071rb ...

#iR by Associate II
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