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Resolved! STM32 Motor Control - STM32G474xx - HRTIM Support?

Hello,Are there any future plans to add HRTIM Support in ST Motor Contol Workbench? As far as i have seen G474 is inculded, but only with TIM1 and TIM8. Though these two are the advanced motor control timers, i need a faster PWM signal for my applica...

GPoll.1 by Associate
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Cannot enter HRTIM1_Master_IRQHandler

Hello, I'm using STM32F334C8T6 and trying to measure the duration of my calculation sectionfrom MCMP1R (JEXT9) which triggers ADC1 till all TIMER's D CMP registers change.1) I enabled Global Master Timer Interrupt and MCMP1 interruptNVIC_EnableIRQ(H...

AZaya.1 by Associate
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Resolved! HRTIM inserting 100% duty cycle pulse into PWM

Hello,I am working on BLDC driver based on STM32. I am using HRTIM to generate 3 complimentary PWMs at 20Khz in up-down counting mode. Every now and then, a single pulse of the PWM is wrong, like it would have 100% duty cycle. The issue is non period...

JMaty.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Encoder index / HRTIM in H7 or F7

Hi there,​1.My first question is about encoder index.​I know that encoder index(so called Z pulse) is applicable in G4 series. (RM0440 1,109 pages)​However I can't find that feature in any of H7 and F7 sereis.​2.I know that the maximum resolution of ...