STM32 MCUs Motor control

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may be a bug in the MC workbench

Hello, in the code I generated using MC workbench 5 or 6, there is something wrong with the part of the code that calculates the phase current value.You can easily find it by searching in the generated codePHandle->PhaseAOffset >>= 3;PHandle->PhaseBO...

Ywang.3 by Associate
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bus current

I would like to implement a feature,During motor operation,Increasing loads,By controlling the rotational speed,so that when the bus current reaches a given value, it does not increase any further,What should I do?

iskan by Associate III
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Running the STSW-Robot-1 kit

Hello,i am trying to run the Evalkit-Robot-1 example project. unfortunately i get the error "configuration files cannot be found in 'MCSDK_v5.4.4/MotorControl'. This version is no longer available for download. Is there an updated version of the exam...

Luca3 by Associate
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<MDK 5.4.8> FOC Sensored(HALL)

MCU : NUCLEO-F103 (STM32F103RB)POWER : NUCLEO-IHM07M1 3HI want to use a POTENTIOMETER to control the speed.How to? <MDK 6.2.1>MCU : NUCLEO-G431POWER : NUCLEO-IHM16M1 I used to a POTENTIOMETER to control the speed. 

chocho by Associate II
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Hello everybody, i am new in ST. I am designing my own ESC.It is a control of a high power motor (950V, 400A Peak) to a BLDC / PMSM motor. I am designing my own power part and I need advice about the logic part, which NUCLEO is the best???Parameters:...

Vlad_ESC by Associate
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UART receive, timertick, reset

#include "main.h" #include "stdlib.h" #include "string.h" #include "math.h" #include "ctype.h" #include "stdio.h" #include "speed_torq_ctrl.h" #include "ramp_ext_mngr.h" #define USART_IT_ENABLE 1 uint8_t rxbuffer[10] = {0}; uint16_t motor1Faults; v...

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