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Motor does not start

Tools:MCSDK - 6.2.1MC Workbench 6.2.1STM32CubeMX - 6.10STM32CubeIDE - 1.14.1ST Motor Pilot - 1.2.5Hardware SetupNucleo-0G474RESTEVAL-IPM30B (My own version of the board, same circuit and layout)X-NUCLEO-IHM09M2I-PMSM motor 9 Pole Pairs, 220W, 36VDETA...

Jorgie by Associate II
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Board not recognised by Motor Control SDK

Hello,I have tried multiple times to connect a Nucleo-G4R31B to the motor profiler.The software fails to recognise the boards at any of the preset baud rates.The board is recognised by the computer and is visible on the device manager. It is also pro...

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Hello everybody, i am new in ST. I am designing my own ESC.It is a control of a high power motor (950V, 400A Peak) to a BLDC / PMSM motor. I am designing my own power part and I need advice about the logic part, which NUCLEO is the best???Parameters:...

Vlad_ESC by Associate
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Motor profiler - BLDC

I am trying to identify the motor parameters of a BLDC (with a multipolar magnet rotor) using Motor Profiler. Should I select SM-PMSM or I-PMSM in magnetic built-in?Thank you in advance for your answer. King regards,Cristhian Chavez Thank you in adva...


BLDC and Motor Profiler

Hi! I am developing a project with a BLDC motor. It is possible to use Motor Profiler with a BLDC motor. The options only allow me to use Motor Profiler with PMSM. Thank you in advance!

b-g431b-esc1 BLDC

To whom it may concern, I am developing a controller for BLDC, I managed to initialize the board with cubeIDE and flash code (so far only turning on the LED). However, I need to use a BLDC motor for my project and I have searched everywhere on how to...

Profiles for STEVAL-ETH001V1

Hello,I'm evaluating the STEVAL-ETH001V1 and wanted to create a project in MC Workbench for that board. Unfortunately this is not listed as an option and I also can't find a Workbench project or profile file or an STM32CubeIDE project.Is there anythi...

MWiel.1 by Associate II
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