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Resolved! LSM6DSO VDD and VDDIO sequencing and dependancy

Good dayI am using LSM6DSO with 3V3 VDD and 1V8 VDDIO.Can the supplies(VDD and VDDIO) be ON/OFF independently or is there a requirement for one of the two to be ON before the other?In my instance the VDD might come on before the VDDIO and in other ci...

AWolf.3 by Associate
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Resolved! ILPS22QS data ready interrupt

Hi, I need clarification about interrupt on ILPS22QS barometric pressure sensor.My test project involves LIS3MDL and ILPS22QS connected to MSDA and MSCL on LSM6SDO, which is connected to an mcu in 4-wire SPI interface, to use sensor hub on LSM6DSO (I...

el659 by Associate III
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Hello,I have STEVAL-MKI236A (ASM330LHB - IMU) evaluation board, How can I make use of the UNICO-GUI to interface with the board. I do see the board listed on the GUI but how will I be able to interface with gui with just I2C without using the MOTHERB...

LIS2DU12TR accelerometer

Hi.  I used LIS2DU12TR accelerometer IC on the PCB.  It's angle value  was changing every sec. but my smart phone app indicated current angle is 0.0 degree.    current angle is -0.515648[proc_bt_read_all] TX data (len=15)00 00 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 7F...

LogosLEE by Associate
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About MotionFx library

I want to calculate the displacement using the MotionX library with the LSM6DSR sensor on the stm32. For example, I want to write a code that calculates the displacement when the sensor moves 20 cm to the right on the table or calculates the displace...

h3lis200dl consumes too much power.

When I used the IIC communication mode of h3lis200dl, I connected the 7th pin SDO directly to the ground. Since the SDO pin has a pull-up resistor inside, the current is too large (about 60uA). I would like to ask if there is an unopened register to ...

Phoenix1 by Associate
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