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IIS328DQ value freeze after software reset

In my application I read out the sensor values (register 0x20-0x2D) with an interrupt every 20ms. After a software reset I have the strange behaviour that the acceleration value of the X-axis stops at a certain value (somewhere in the range of the cu...

0693W000006HOppQAG.png 0693W000006HOvsQAG.png 0693W000006HOvxQAG.png 0693W000006HOwRQAW.png
SThei.1 by Associate
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How to change LIS3DSH resolution

Hello everyone, I am new to STM32 and to Keil. I would like to change the accelerometer resolution from 2G to 16G, but due to my inexperience, I don't know how. My teacher didn't help my and said that I need to figure it out by myself, but I really d...

TrixCZE by Associate II
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VG6640 image sensor streaming questions.

Hello. I just start to work with vg6640 image sensor. According to the datasheet all what i need to do make it start streaming is to make sensor into STREAMING state. I have done that, the SystemFsm register shows that i'm in the SENSOR_STREAM state ...

AYako.2 by Associate
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How to distinguish the IC?(LIS2DW12&IIS2DLPC)

Hi, I have purchased several three-axis acceleration chips, but I mixed them together by mistaken. The chip is too small, and I can’t see if there is any text on them to distinguish them. After comparing the chip manuals of both , It seems to be ind...

Xxia.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! GPIO / EXTI interrupts, STOP2 mode and H3LIS331DL

I've got erratic behavior of access to H3LIS331DL sensor from my MCU when STOP2 mode is set. It seems that sometimes, the Interrupt ( INT1 on DRDY) received from theH3LIS331 is not, or very lately processed (maybe after wake up from other reason). I...

PGoud by Associate III
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Resolved! Can I please know, How to interface MKI196V1 (ASM330LLH) with Raspberry Pi? Are any Python packages available? I tried I2C with raspberry but doesn't return sensor values. Also, SPI support is not available.

I am trying to build a project 'GPS aided INS' in college. I have tried many options for interfacing  "MKI196V1 (ASM330LLH)" IMU, but couldn't get the results. I tried interfacing the sensor with STM32 (maple mini) using sduino, also with nano and u...

STM32F4 Discovery I2C LIS3DSH Problem

I have tried to work with LIS3DSH sensor using I2C protocol. I applied procedures on STM32f manual. But it didn't work. I wanna just receive x axis value. According to this, The GPIOD-12 will be on if it is less than 20. Maybe ı could not realise its...

VAtab.1 by Associate II
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