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STM32L562E-DK Display question - general and newbie



I am working on displaying information and new to this type of interface (normally don't use display).  I have a couple development kits and understand some of the MCUs have the LTDC while others rely on the driver contained in the display.  Qualitatively I am not understanding how, for example, the LL drivers for a given discovery kit map or correspond to the drivers on the LCD/Display as they are often different.  I found a an app note (AN2656

STM32F10xxx LCD glass driver firmware) and am curious if there is one that is detailed for either the above DK or similar (Say the STM32F7308).  At the risk of being too wordy in this question either an app note or a reference to show how to use generic utilities for the LCD is helpful.  Thank you!

  • BSP_LCD_DrawBitmap
  • BSP_LCD_FillRGBRect
  • BSP_LCD_DrawHLine
  • BSP_LCD_DrawVLine
  • BSP_LCD_FillRect
  • BSP_LCD_ReadPixel
  • BSP_LCD_WritePixel
  • BSP_LCD_GetXSize
  • BSP_LCD_GetYSize
  • BSP_LCD_SetActiveLayer
  • BSP_LCD_GetPixelFormat


ST Employee

Hi @wolfpack51 & welcome to  our Community!

In order to understand more how the STM32CubeL5 is organized, I invite you to have a look to the UM2656 Getting started with STM32CubeL5 for STM32L5 Series. You can understand that we have the BSP (Board support package) drivers where you find the dedicated drivers of each board depending on the hardware you have.

The functions you listed in your question are described in the UM2298 STM32Cube BSP drivers development guidelines.

And finally, if you would like to understand more about the LCD, you can have a look to the application note AN4861 Introduction to LCD-TFT display controller (LTDC) on STM32 MCUs.


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