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Resolved! STM32WB55 RTC with battery backup

Hello everyone, I hope you are well.I'm working with the STM32WB55. I'm having difficulty getting RTC to work correctly.The VBat is always powered by 3v3, I have an on/off switch that only removes the power from the VDD, however, when I turn it off a...

ffjunq by Associate II
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Amazon Sidewalk Support for STM32WL

Currently, there isn't any support for Amazon Sidewalk for the STM32WL. The only supported vendors are Nordic, Silicon Labs, Texas Instruments, and Quectel. Reading through the AWS Sidewalk spec, it seems like the chip could support it in CSS and FSK...

DWalk.3 by Associate III
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Resolved! Using OLED and gyroscope of STM32WB5MM-DK

I am using STMcube ide for developing applications with STM32WB5MM-DK. I will be trying to use the OLED display and gyroscope of the discovery board. I couldn't find suitable tutorial or documents for accessing. Is there any documents available for t...

Manually sending an I2C stop command.

In the manual it says that a stop command will be sent with the next byte if the CR2 stop flag is high.  Is there a way to send a stop command immediately rather than with the next byte?  I'm asking because I have a section of code where I send a sta...

Jcoll.1 by Associate II
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