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Active Endpoint Response missing

Hello,When using device as temperature measurement server and device joins to the network where coordinator is also trust center, joining to the network works fine, but binding not. I wander, why device don't send Active Enpoint Response message when...

eskomj by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32WL55/STM32WLE5 SubGHz

Hi,I recently started exploring what STM32WL MCUs offer but I don't really understand a few things yet:1. I read somewhere that these STMs are based on SX126x LoRa radio. Is that the case?2. If so, does enabling "SUBGHZ_PHY" in middlewares in CubeIDE...

awocrf by Associate
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STM32 WL55JC1 LoRaWAN Class C not working!

Dear community, In the attachments, I am sending You two screenshots, one from the LoRa WAN Network server and the other one from the STM32CubeIDE. We are using two of Your dev boards, one as the LoRa WAN gateway (Nucleo F746ZG) and the other one as ...

fainlaip by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32WL33 with LoRa

Hi,I have seen that the new STM32WL33 have support for 4-FSK, high receive sensitivity and wake-up receiver LPAWUR, which is beneficial for both high-data-rate and long-range applications. However, LoRa support is reserved for STM32WL55 and STM32WLE5...

MB1355C firmware upgrade, FUS_STATE_IMG_NOT_AUTHENTIC

I doubt if the ST-link has some setting problems?Model:P-NUCLEO-WB55           PNWB55$CU301:09:41 : Warning: FUS_STATE_IMG_NOT_FOUND, Flash already empty !01:09:42 : Firmware delete Success01:09:42 : Download Stack/FUS image at address 0x80EC000 ...0...

Baochun by Associate
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Resolved! Can the RTC's calendar function be used alongside BLE?

Hey folks,I'm having issues with the RTC's calendar function while using BLE. I would like to timestamp recorded data using the calendar function of the RTC and then transmit that data over Bluetooth. However, when I enable the Bluetooth middleware i...

burn_ by Associate III
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