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Hi, I'm working with STM32CubeMX and on MBEDSSL defined MBEDTLS_SSL_OUT_CONTENT_LEN at 2048.When I generate the code I get (/CM7/MBEDTLS/App/mbedtls_config.h):#define MBEDTLS_SSL_OUT_CONTENT_LEN 16384 Is there a problem?Am I making a mistake?My envir...

lonejack by Associate III
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Resolved! LwIP TCP server send periodic data

Hi all, I am developing a TCP server starting from the STM32F4 TCP server echo sample.My goal is to keep the echo functionality and send in addition a periodic message.I modified slightly the original file and I managed to have the echo working and t...

loribru by Associate II
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Resolved! I cant assign a value to variable

Hi,I am trying to assign Adc.Raw[0] and Adc.Raw[1] to Vref and Vtemp as in below code snippet. But, Vref and Vtemp gets 0. These variables never updated with Adc.Raw values.Could you please point me in the right direction ? 

demir_0-1708356711425.png demir_1-1708356733689.png
demir by Senior II
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Resolved! SD Card no file system error.

Hi,I would like to make an application to access micro sd card via SPI from STM32F407VG-DISC1 board. I have configured the pins as seen in table below.Main file is also attached. However, when I run the application I get FR_NO_FILESYSTEM error. My ca...

demir by Senior II
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