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Resolved! Azure RTOS - CMSIS_OS2 wrapper

Hello,so in this video: is stated that the main thing is that with CMSIS 0S2 wrapper I can call the RTOS api of Arm and beyond that I can use either FreeRTOS or ThreadX. So it is very useful for to switch...

MStew.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! How to use CMSIS to set a bit or register

Each time I call SET_BIT to set a bit the register value remains at 0. All registers are 0 even after writing, as though they are read-only. For example, the following does not set the bit:DMA2_Stream0->CR |= ((uint32_t)1);What am I missing?Thank you...

LMorr.3 by Senior II
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Lwip is not working in CMSIS_V2

I am using stm32f756zg. In which i configure LWIP with FREERTOS cmsisv2. I am getting hard faults when ping devices from other devices.It works fine when I change FREERTOS cmsis v1 and increase the default task stake.

spate.2 by Associate III
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Speed problems with STM32H7 & USB HS

Hello. I am developing a device with high-speed data exchange with a PC. I decided to try USB 2.0 HS and make a device based on stm32h7b0 + USB3300 (extern PHY). On the device side i use STM32CubeIDE 1.11.0 and USB MW by ST. On the host side - libusb...


Resolved! How to setup CMSIS DSP on a ARM Cortex M33

Hello Everyone,I currently trying to implement a FFT by using the optimized functions from CMSIS library on a L5 MCU. The fact is that the M33 family seems not to be supported then I was wondering whether there's some kind of workaround in order to m...

bedo98 by Associate
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osMemoryPoolDelete or osMemoryPoolFree ?

Hi,I have allocated memory pool for my doubly linked list using osMemoryPoolNewI want to be able to insert and delete nodes to the doubly linked list. My question is , When I am deleting the node I am unsure if I have to using osMemoryPoolDelete or o...

RDodd.1 by Associate II
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