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Resolved! STM32U5 File system with FreeRTOS

Hello,I'm using NucleoU575 with CubeMx and I want to make a file system on my SD card.I want to use FreeRtos but there are no Fatfs in CubeMx and the FileX cannot work with FreeRtos (image). Is there anyway i can use Fatfs with STM32U5 ?Thank you. 

M326.1 by Associate II
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1. If we are logging data for the long period (48hour or 96 hour) Sometimes garbage file create in sd card other than our create file. 2. Some times file corrupt and not open on the computer. What is the reason of this issue??

Dear Community Member, I am working on the data acquisition and logging is SD card. In this project i am using stm32l452RET6 uC to interface SD card in SDIO mode with fatfs. It is working file when we are logging for the shorter time. I am creating o...

KPras.2 by Associate III
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Resolved! exFAT support for FileX on STM32U5

I'm testing out using an SD card on the STM32U575I-EV. The example project I'm using is from the STM32CubeU5 MCU package (Projects\STM32U575I-EV\Applications\FileX\Fx_uSD_File_Edit).I'm able to insert an SDHC (32GB; FAT32 format) card, see the green ...

Resolved! STM32L4 SDMMC + FATFS

Hi, I would like using SD card with FATFS and read/write to SD card.If i have bare-metal FW without DMA template enable it is work.But if I enable DMA template f_mount, f_open return FR_OK but f_write, f_read Disc_error.I setted in CubeMX SDMMC1- SD ...

lorant124 by Associate III
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Resolved! SDIO configuration stm32f429

Hello dear engineers,I have gotten stuck in running SDIO on stm32f429igt6.No matter how hard I have tried, I wasn't able to successfully use FATFS with SDIO and stm32f429igt6. My code is attached. the f_mount function with immediate force on mounting...