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Dual bank booting problem

Hello!I try to use dual bank option on the stm32l476 (256kB) for implementing a custom bootloader. I want just read new program (bin) by custom protocol and write it to another bank. After that I want to switch the banks, reset mcu and start the new ...

KKlyn.1 by Associate II
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STM32L4 USB low power stop

Posted on May 20, 2016 at 16:47I am porting an existing design from an F107 to a L4 micro in the hopes that I can push sleep current below 50uA.Currently I have only one barrier to achieving this low power: the USB device peripheral. No matter What ...

kobus by Associate II
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1. If we are logging data for the long period (48hour or 96 hour) Sometimes garbage file create in sd card other than our create file. 2. Some times file corrupt and not open on the computer. What is the reason of this issue??

Dear Community Member, I am working on the data acquisition and logging is SD card. In this project i am using stm32l452RET6 uC to interface SD card in SDIO mode with fatfs. It is working file when we are logging for the shorter time. I am creating o...

KPras.2 by Associate III
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I'm having problem with B-L462E-CELL1 evaluation board to connect to truphone network via eSIM in Australia. I'm able to use plastic sim card from telstra to stablish the connection. I'm receiving this error:

AT%CEER?<CR>  <CR><LF>  %CEER: 1,"NAS-EMM","ATTACH","REJECT",#15,NO_SUITABLE_CELLS_IN_TRACKING_AREA<CR><LF>  <CR><LF>  OK<CR><LF>Here is the modem configuration:Cellular Service InfosModem state     : 4 (Modem registered on network)Signal Quality    ...

Desh by Associate
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Issue with HTS211 - HardFault Handler

Hi ST Community,I'm using the B-L475E-IOT01A card and I have a problem. As soon as I run my code in Debug mode, I get the HardFault Handler (SIGTRAP) error. I want to use the HTS221 temperature sensor and I'm using the BSP for this sensor (hts211.h)....

MathieuOKS_0-1704828542054.png MathieuOKS_1-1704828582371.png

Insufficient document of BL462E-CELL1

Hi!I have bought BL462E-Cell1. I need the documents of Murata Type1SC which is the key component of the discovery kit BL462E-Cell1. From the registration code printed on the sheet with BL462E-cell cannot give me the access to the documents of Murata...

ZWH.1 by Associate II
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